Dragons and Music: a funeral story

Earlier in the year I conducted a funeral for Dorothy, who was a talented guitar player and a lifelong music fan. She had a wide range of musical loves and a broad and inclusive taste in music of all kinds. She was well-known for her guitar playing and, as an outgoing and friendly personality, she was an asset to social gatherings, turning up with her guitar and singing and playing in a way that brought people together.

On the day of her funeral Dorothy’s friend organised a very unusual tribute in honour of her love of music. They arranged her vast cd collection in plastic boxes (in the colours of her football team) and brought them to the gathering after the funeral, along with bags donated from a local music shop. Everyone was invited to look through the hundreds of cds, and choose any they would like, to take home as a reminder of Dorothy. It was another outgoing, generous act of Dorothy’s, facilitated by her friends - to give what she loved most to those who had come to say their last goodbyes to her. Sharing music was a thing that Dorothy loved and was known for. So she exemplified that to the very end.

And what about the picture in this article? Well, that’s another gift from Dorothy, courtesy of her friend Karen. As executor, Karen was looking after Dorothy’s estate and a few days after her funeral, Karen gave me this rakish and unconventional dragon ring that had belonged to Dorothy. It’s a pretty chunky dragon, it covers about two thirds of my finger, and has an unforgettable wolfish grin. Every time I look at it I think of Dorothy, her cds, and the happiness she brought to so many people, even on the day of her funeral. Because through the kindness and creativity of her good friends, Dorothy was bestowing musical gifts right to the end, and bringing people together in an unforgettable way. 

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