Creating a Funeral Ceremony

In order to create the funeral for your loved one I will meet with you and any family or friends who you'd like to be present, and we can start to shape the funeral ceremony. This initial meeting will take about two hours. During this time I'll learn from you about your loved one, and we'll discuss the different elements that make up the funeral ceremony. If you would like me to write a eulogy then we'll talk through some details that will help me write a fitting tribute for them. You will have as much input into the eulogy as you wish and will have the final say in all elements of the funeral. And if you need some creative input, I have a wealth of experience in bringing together all the necessary elements into a memorable and moving ceremony.

My fee for writing and conducting a funeral is £185.

Please call me any time on 07851 866061 to discuss my services or to arrange an initial planning.

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